Cribs & Cocktails – Episode 13

“Home Improvements and Long Island Iced Tea. A little bit of Real Estate, a little bit of booze. It’s education for your brain!” – Denny Brehm, CHR Broker Associate

Inside Marketing’s Mind

This video was shot from home by our agent, Denny Brehm during the Stay at Home order. Denny has been doing this series for about 6 months at this point so he needed to continue on with it. It’s important to show your sphere that you are consistent, that you are reliable, and that you are wanting to look out for them. Denny provides education to his sphere in a light and fun way that can give them the upper hand in their real estate journies, so it was imperative to continue on. Once he shot the video with the support of our videographer via phone he sent the video over to her and she was able to edit the video so the branding remained impressive.

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